The best estimates are in person and might require the car to be taken apart to see hidden damage and braces.

 Most of the time estimates from insurance adjusters or their recomended shops are purposely written at least 50% of what the actual cost is for a proper repair. As part of being on the insurance referal program they dictate these partner shops to write it low so hopefully the person pockets the money or gets in another accident.

Customers are always welcome to come into the shop for a free hand written guestimate. For a small fee to cover our time we are happy to do a thorough computer estimate using the best procedures, materials, new OEM parts from the dealership and clips. Depending on complexity we start at only $25 for a simple bumper repair or replacement. For something like a side swipe or a front end collision these start at $50. If the customer has us do the repairs our fee will be credited.

Thanks for understanding that with operating costs being so high we found it imperative to start charging for computer estimates as they are very time consuming.

Guestimate charts for Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and Painting

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*Your name and telephone number in the subject line (MOST EMAILS WITHOUT A PHONE NUMBER GET DELETED )

*send at least 4 photos from 7 feet from different angles or a video

* Vehicle  make, model, year, color and if it's 3 stage pearl or candy.

* What you are looking for paintless dent repair or regular auto body and repainting

 Text: (619) 726-6767

Please include the following information:

* Vehicle make, year, model

 Don't be illegally steered by your insurance company  It's your car, It's your choice which shop repairs your auto and how!

How to take a picture of a dent for paintless dent repair

Click here to see if a company is legal with the (BAR) Bureau of Automotive Repair

Bureau of Automotive Repair
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(800) 952-5210
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(858) 716-1025

BAR Mission:
To protect and serve California consumers by ensuring a fair and competitive automotive repair marketplace and administering a model motor vehicle emissions reduction program.

Hopefully this saves someone a lot of grief in going with the wrong company. Also be sure to check out my scams section, blogs & no drilling method for proper paintless dent repair access
Take care Eddie Martin

P.S: You can also check out a company with the Better Business Bureau

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