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We are more than happy to give you an estimated cost for repairs from pictures, so you have an idea if this might be something you can pay for out of pocket or need our help with the claims process. We can also let you know if this might be a good candidate for one of our paintless dent repair processes. But nothing is better than seeing in person and taking things apart to check for access and braces or if there is damage inside.

   Usually, we try to receive at least 4 jpeg photos from 6 to 7 feet from different angles or a video. (Straight on shows stretched metal and depth, side views show displacement and straight on at a downward angle shows creases that run from front to rear.)

   If you already have pictures, you can always try sending them 1st.

   What are you looking  for regular auto body and repainting or paintless dent repair?

   Are you more concerned with quality or price?

   Is time a concern?

   Are you paying out of pocket or using insurance?

   If using insurance what company?

   Are you a claimant or insured?

   What’s your deductible?

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Because today's cars have become so complicated with computers and safety features, we urge customers NEVER to send insurance companies pictures as this makes the claims process harder for the repair shop and you. On average their estimated cost is usually 1/3 of the actual price needed. We have lost track of how many customers have been unknowingly driving unsafe cars after what seemed like a simple fender bender that the insurance company said not to drop it off yet.  After you get a claim number always demand they view the car at the shop of YOUR CHOICE, not one of their insurance partners that is more concerned with making them happy, so they keep sending them referrals than the actual customer which is you the owner of the car!

The best practice for writing proper repair plan after a fender bender to find out the cost is to do the following.

Pre-scan the computer, look up the latest OEM repair procedures from the manufacturers pay website, Completely disassembled, scan the paint formula to see all the color variants associated with your paint code. Then start writing their own damage analyses which includes the check for parts prices and if any of the parts are what is called one time use only.

Remember the shop is the repair professionals that will be doing the repair, not an insurance adjuster that chances are have never repaired a car, particularly a vehicle that has been built in the last few years.

If you had cancer or needed any kind of medical procedure done who would you want to choose what needs to be done? Your trusted doctor or someone that crunches numbers?

An insurance adjuster’s only job is to get an idea of how much funds their company needs to set aside for the proper repair of your car after an accident so don’t let them mislead you. They do not get to choose which shop you go to, how the shop repairs your vehicle, what parts or materials are used. They will always choose the cheapest repair method instead of how the manufacturer says it needs to be done to restore the safety and value. When your car leaves our shop your family’s safety, and our reputation depends on us do what’s right even if you do not understand how the repair process works, we have your back.