Bumper Reshaping / Paintless Repair Method

Plastic, rubber, and urethane bumper can be reshaped without the use of paint and plastic fillers. The process is very slow, as there is a lot of heating and cooling off involved. If the technician is not carefully the paint can burn or crack, and in a worse case scenario punch holes or stretch out the bumper to a non repairable shape.

Eddie of The Dent Devils has spent years mastering reshaping with custom developed tools and techniques, not found anywhere else. The end result is a bumper that is fully restored, and not simply shoved out.

As in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), The process is environmentally friendly

Because no bondo - plastic fillers and painting is involved, your avoiding color mismatches, peeling paint or cracking repairs over time because I maintain your car’s factory flexable clear coat finish. If you have small chips or scratches that cannot be removed with color sanding and polishing. I am more than happy to touch them up at no charge if you supply the touch up paint from your dealer.

Spot Painting / Complete Panel Refinishing / Smart Repairs

If you have a bumper that is beyond basic paintless bumper reshaping The Dent Devils is now offering spot refinishing , complete refinishing & replacement.

 Simple Heat and Pop  Starts at $85* Plus detrim of parts or bumper if needed

Bumper  Reshaping $125*

Painting Prices Include Materials*

  • SMART REPAIR $200 and up (stands for Small Area Repair Technique and is a low cost repair method for minor damage by dealerships on lease returns and customers on a budget)
  • Panels $300 - $500 each + $100-200 for adjacent panel blends.
  • Doors $300-500 each + $100-200 for adjacent panel blends
  • Bumpers $400 base + $100-200 for dents, 3 stage pearls, rips
  • Touch-up $150-250 depending on severity and if the entire car needs to be buffed
  • Hood/Roof $600 and up
  • Trunk $500 and up
  • Body side moldings $100-150 ea.
  • Fender Flares $150-200 ea.
  • Wheel scuff repairs $140 each
  • Bent wheels $200 most cases
  • Headlight resurfacing and clear coating$100 - $250a set
  • Headlight polishing
  • Body work $60 hr  plus materials
  • Paint work $60 hr plus materials
  • High Speed Polishing Show car / New car color sanding , nib and polish used car, polishing swirl removal, compound $60 hr / $30 base charge
  • Over Spray & Fall out Removal
  • Paint Materials $40 hr
  • Body Materials $20 hr
  • Over Spray Removal

 *All prices are ballpark. Extra Charge for Bodywork and taking off moldings, trim, handles, mirrors, bumpers, color sanding and polishing after painting, flex additives, catalyzed primers and sealers, covering complete car for over spray, custom color match, detailing, washing after repair etc

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