As The Dent Devils’ founder and only technician I bring over 28 years of body & paint industry experience. In which I have repaired well over 20,000 automobiles in that time frame. I am the heart and soul of The Dent Devils, and make sure that anyone I work with or refer you too meets my very high standards.

On top of graduating summa cum laude from San Jacinto College, I recieved technical training and certification from the following companies:

  • General Motors
  • DuPont
  • 3M
  • PPG
  • R&M
  • Sikkens
  • Glassurit
  • Spies Hecker
  • Martin Senior
  • Sherwin Williams

Since before 1996 I was also doing paintless dent removal, an art in which I am nowadays known as one of the best in the country, as the name The Dent Devils is constantly well recommend by other professionals.

Below is a list of the courses completed over a 2 year span at San Jacinto Auto Body Repair College. Each course was between 384-512 hours each!

  1. Auto Body Repair
  2. BAS MET & Paint Principles
  3. Major Body Repair I
  4. Collision Repair I
  5. Collision Repair II
  6. Custom Paint Specialist
  7. Unibody Collision Repair
  8. Custom Paint Specialist
  9. Service Management
  10. Restoration / Rebuilding
  11. Advanced Painting
  12. Special Problems

  • diploma1
  • diploma10
  • diploma11
  • diploma12
  • diploma2
  • diploma3
  • diploma4
  • diploma5
  • diploma6
  • diploma7
  • diploma8
  • diploma9


Eddie Martin by Eddie Martin

My first exposure was in high school, when I became interested in custom paint and body after my dad took me to a car show called "The World of Wheels" at the Astro Dome in Houston Texas. After the show I started looking into trade schools for paint and body work eventually deciding to enroll at San Jacinto College. But I soon found out that the cost was very high for the 2 year program, so—with help, I started looking into ways of paying for the school. Luckily I was able to get a full sponsorship through a company that also paid for my tools.

My classes consisted of two 4 hours classes 3 days a week. But the instructors could see my passion and agreed to let me sit in on classes on my off days. After a little over a year I met an instructor called Rick Dickson—owner of Dickson's Paint & Body. Rick was also a retired insurance claims manager for State Farm. After a short time in his class he offered me a job doing combination work and to mentor me along the way while I finished school. I graduated in the top of my class in 1986 with a 2-year degree, also finishing in 1st place in the skills test. Over the years my passion has only grown stronger.

My expertise includes advanced paintless ding & dent removal, paint and body, frame repair, restoration, estimating, and custom painting. I have advanced paint tech training from General Motors, DuPont, PPG, R&M, Sikkens, Glassurit, Spies Hecker, Martin Senior, and Sherwin Williams, and I have always been the head painter.

After so many years of being exposed to paint fumes and chemicals though, my health started to decline. So I started looking into other options. I was offered a job as a DuPont paint rep, but was told I would need to relocate to another state.

So I decided to start a new business, and in January of 1996 I founded The Detail Man, having the first real fully equipped detail rig around. After years of owning this successful business—very well known for the quality of workmanship with black cars, and several life changes I decided to sell off the detailing end and remain doing only PDR. So I sold my company to my really good friend Shane Harrison.

I then started a new business called The Dent Devils. I quickly became known for doing repairs that other PDR companies had once said could not be done. I have also been several times in the Hall of Fame and Legends sections of The Dent Network for incredible repairs. Over the years I've had the pleasure of working on one of kind show cars including Street rods, Ferrari's, Mercedes Benz and Porsches.

I am very detail oriented and enjoy working on cars. I take pride in high quality workmanship and get most of my work from referrals from happy customers, body shops, and other PDR companies around San Diego. There are a couple of web sites that I utilize that are specifically for PDR Specialists all over the world. We network and help each other out with access problems and discuss the latest techniques and tools on the market.

My goal has always been to treat my customers as friends and there cars as if they where my own. For over 28 years my life has been dedicated to the improvement of the industry. With the thought of doing everything I can to exceed what I promise and the expectation of the industry standards, while always striving to push the limits of what can be done and giving you—my customers, craftsmanship and value for your money.


Eddie Martin

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