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5 Star Review from Google Maps ” I cannot say enough great things about Eddie and his business at Dent Devils Paintless Dent Removal. Getting in a car accident is stressful enough, let alone having to deal with the aftermath of everything that goes with that territory. Having Eddie manage my vehicle repairs ended up being a huge burden off my shoulders following my car accident. Thanks to Eddie and his superb attention to detail, my car was returned to me post repairs like it was brand new. He went above and beyond to make sure all aspects of the car were repaired 100%, not just the easy-to-see cosmetics. In my case, Eddie spotted damages sustained to my car that were not picked up by the other dealership I initially went to, and as a result my car is in pristine shape again post-accident. In addition to everything done for my car, Eddie went above and beyond to help facilitate communication with my insurance claim, as well as took time to explain to me in layman’s terms what needed to be done with my vehicle, the entire process, etc. He was very generous with his time spent speaking to me on all matters that concerned me with my car, insurance claim, etc, all while he was very busy managing his business. In short, I highly recommend Eddie/Dent Devils for any type of vehicle body repairs needed: He’s awesome at what he does, and provides excellent customer service. Franks Spano

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