These mobile auto body and paintless dent repair scam artists say they can fix a car really cheap and easy. They try to hack out a dent and cover up the botched job by smearing light gray primer or red glazing putty (pink stuff) over freshly spray-painted vehicles. It will look like they just waxed it, and they claim that when it dries after a few days, it will be good as new after you wash or polish it off. In reality, all they did is take a simple repair and make it a very costly one.

There are always a few shady scam artists lurking around in every city. Over the past couple of months we have noticed a growing number of people who have been scammed by people posing as mobile auto body specialists.

Make sure that anyone you are dealing with is legitimate by calling the company and asking questions regarding services and location. Most legitimate businesses have lettered trucks, signs, e-mail, websites, business cards and referrals.

If a scam artist like this approaches you, please let us or the San Diego Police Dept. know. Their phone number is (619) 531-2000. You can ask for the Consumer Fraud Division. Any obtainable information such as a description of the scam artists or their vehicle license plate number would greatly help.

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