How is Paintless Dent Repair Cost Determined?

Prices are determined by difficulty and customer expectation.

Door Dings and Dents are like snowflakes, unique, and require different tools and repair methods. A combination of factors such as the severity of stretched metal, access, types of metal, flat area, or soft or ridged body line all plays a role in determining cost and repairability. On most repairs, we utilize Mobile Tech RX because, with a few simple clicks, we can come up with a fair price. Mobile Tech RX was developed by actual PDR techs and refined from feedback from some of the top Paintless Dent Repair Techs across the US that have done real-time repairs.

  1. Soft 1″ ding with easy access starts @ $175

Types Of Dents:

Displacement Dent

This is a soft displacement dent with soft crown up top and medium crown below the dent with no impact points. I believe the owner said they sat on the fender while taking a selfie.

The harder the displacement/kink, the higher the difficulty.

Extreme stretched golf ball dent

Stretched damage is far more difficult to repair. The tech has to be a lot more careful not to crack the paint or leave push marks under the clear on lighter colors.

This dent has 2 very stretched crease in the shape of an L in the center. 5 very stretched impact points and up top at 12 o’clock there is a hard crown that travels from 12 o’clock to 9 oclock soften and vanishes. The right side goes to 2 o’clock . From what I remember a drunk bicyclist in Pacific Beach ran into this customers car when it was parked.

Stretched Dent Video

What an oil can baseball dent does

Access Issues :

Most of the time repairing dents requires getting to the back side of the panel. Below we tell and show you some of the basic issues.


In this one, with the door panel and plastic dust shield removed you can see the braces and window regulator.

Even with the door panel and plastic dust shield removed access is going to be an issue.

This is a Subaru WRX door I replaced . I cut the outside skin off to shows the braces and had it in my waiting room to educate customers.

In the 1st picture the silver thing is a plate the hold the window regulator. To take this off the window needs to be taken out completely or some times can be unbolted and slid up and taped. Then the wiring and cables and start to be removed. Then the plate can be removed.

Here is an inside view after all the parts are removed

This is what covers the back side of some quarter panels / rear panels.


Back side of a lot of todays front fender is braced up. Tesla and Toyota does this a lot


This is what it looks like when a body shop cuts off your roof and leaves on the braces.

2005 M3 underside of the roof. If you notice there is basically 0 access even with the headliner dropped down. To gain access everything needs to come out. You can snake a tool around some of the edges if you are repairing a few soft dings.

This is what a new roof skin looks like with factory-installed roof braces. Notice how limited the access is.

HONDA CRV moon roof

These are the types of metal on today’s car listed from the easiest to most difficult. Mild Steel, HSS High Strength Steel, and Aluminum. Bumpers are usually some type of plastic.

Mild Steel:

Easiest to work on, it does not spring back in like HHS or aluminum and does not crack.

HSS High Strength Steel:

Harder than mild steel because it springs back, and work hardens easier.


Extremely difficult as it springs back in when you push it, works hardens and will crack.

Body line / Contour Line / Style Line :

This is a perfect example of a very strong body line / Contour Line / Style Line on a BMW

Before and After Pictures With Start Prices:

Push to Paint & Push to Filler are less:

Stretched Crease across body lines $600 plus very difficult

Stretched Dent Difficult access $350 plus

Extremely stretched dent across body lines, Leverage was challenging. $1,200 plus

extreme edge dent $350 plus

Stretched Edge dents silver car, difficult leverage, Audi’s are a lot of work to take apart $1,500 plus

Aluminum Honda Insite electric car body shop was going to replace the left quarter panel for $2,500 plus

Large displacement dent lower fender over edges $600 plus

Displacement dent pulled edge $750 plus

Soft Displacement Dents semi-hard crown to the edges $750 plus

large displacement dent with stretched areas $850 plus

Stretched metal and kinks, included taking off parts for access $750 plus

Extremely complex fender repair multiple crowns, body lines, and dent went over the rear edge. The owner did not want to replace the fender as he feared the paint would not match and would fad differently. $1,500 plus

A repair like this would be around $2500 plus

Complex dent over body lines challenging access $1,200 plus

Soft displacement dent $400 plus

complex damage $2,000 plus

Displacement dent over body lines $400 plus

Aluminum body line dent with easy access $500 plus

Complex dent, challenging access, the door was taken apart and off the car $2,000 plus

complex stretched dent $1,700 plus

displacement damage kinked up top and lower $600 plus

Displacement dent crown of top dent went over lower edge $750 plus

stretched displacement damage over body lines and to the edges, Access and leverage was a challenge $1,000 plus

Extremely stretched impacts and over body line $700 plus

Stretched displacement dents to the edges excess and leverage challenging $650 plus

Displacement dent over body lines and to the edges, Access, and leverage challenging $1,000 plus

Bumper reshape $300 plus Heat and Pop $200

Bumper reshaping dent was left in for several months $350 plus Heat and Pop $200

The edge dent/displacement owner just wanted his door to open and close for $300 plus

Push for filler: The owner just wanted the tail light to fit and the trunk not to leak. $750 plus Other shops said it needed a new quarter panel

reshape $300 plus Heat and Pop $200

Roof Dent $700 plus

Complex stretched dents over edges and body lines. The owner just wanted improvement other shops wanted to replace the panel for $1,200 plus

complex dents over body lines access were nice $750 plus

Aluminum extreme repair dents over body lines and over edges $1,500 plus


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