How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost?

1.  Soft ding with easy access starts @$85
2.  Creases start @ $125
3.  Body-line dings start @ $150
4.  Stretched dings start @ $150

Our prices are determined by a combination of factors:

Color effects repairability:

Dark colors are easier to see the tool tip and have less chance of tool marks being left under the clear. Whites, Silver and tri coat pearls can be more difficult as it is harder to see the tool tip during the repair, they crack easier as the paint tends to be thicker and more brittle.

Displacement Dents are the easiest to repair:

 The harder the displacement/ kink the higher the difficulty.

Stretched Damage is very challenging:

 Stretched damage is far more difficult to repair and even more difficult on white, silver and tri coat paint . The tech has to be lot more careful not to crack the paint or leave push marks under the clear.

Stretched Creases are the most difficult:

The direction of the crease can double or triple the difficulty of the repair, What a tech can’t see in their repair reflection they have a hard time seeing the tool tip.


Can we just slip a tool in or do we need to take things apart?

Mild Steel:

Easiest to work on, it is hard to push but it does not spring back like HHS or aluminum

HSS High Strength Steel:

Harder than mild steel because it springs back, and work hardens easier


Extremely difficult as it spring back when you push it and also work hardens then cracks

Factory paint is easier to work on than repainted cars.

Rush Job cost more than ones we can we take our time on.

Flat area or body line?

Single panel, Braced area or Triple braced in area?

Examples of some of our paintless repairs and prices

When you get into extreme damage like these the amount of time can be incredible as it is not like changing a spare tire that their basically is not any variables and customers expectations can vary so do our prices.

Stretched Crease across body lines $400 plus very difficult
Stretched Dent Difficult access $225 plus
Extremely stretched dent across body lines, Leverage was challenging. $750 plus

extreme edge dent $350 plus
Stretched Edge dents silver car, difficult leverage, Audi’s are a lot of work to take apart $1,100 plus
Aluminum Honda Insite electric car body shop was going to replace left quarter panel $2,500 plus
Large displacement dent lower fender over edges $500 plus
Displacement dent pulled edge $600 plus
Soft Displacement Dents semi hard crown to the edges $750 plus
large displacement dent with stretched areas $750 plus
stretched metal and kinks, tri coat paint took door parts of access $600 plus
extremely complex fender repair multiple crowns, body lines and dent went over the rear edge . Owner did not want to replace the fender as he feared the paint would not match and would fad different. $1,200 plus
Repair like this would be around $2500 plus
Complex dent over body lines challenging access $1,000 plus
Soft displacement dent $375 plus
complex damage $1,800 plus
Displacement dent over body lines $375 plus
aluminum body line dent $400 plus
Complex dent, challenging access, door taken apart and off the car $2,000 plus
complex stretched dent $1,500 plus
displacement damage kinked up top and lower $400 plus
Displacement dent crown of top dent went over lower edge $750 plus
stretched displacement damage over body lines and to the edges, Access and leverage was a challenge $1,000 plus
Extremely stretched impacts and over body line $500 plus
Stretched displacement dents to the edges excess and leverage challenging $600 plus
Displacement dent over body-lines and to the edges, Access and leverage challenging $1,000 plus
Bumper reshape $200 plus
Bumper reshaping dent was left in for several months $350 plus
edge dent / displacement owner just wanted his door to open and close $225 plus
I did this one before I was painting, Owner just wanted the taill light to fit and the trunk not to leak. $700 plus
reshape $200 plus
Roof Dent $500 plus
Complex stretched dents over edges and body lines. Owner just wanted improved other shops wanted to replace the panel $1,200 plus
complex dents over body lines access was nice $500 plus
Aluminum extreme repair dents over body lines and over edges $1,000 plus