Paintless Dent Repair without drilling access holes

The Dent Devils Paintless Dent Removal method is known for being the highest quality around, with the goal of returning your car to as close to its pre-existing condition as possible without bondo or repainting.

Why do I consider this process to be preferable to that of mobile repair?

The Dent Devils Paintless Dent Removal method does not rely on drilling unsightly access holes, or on color sanding and polishing your delicate clear coats texture/orange-peel flat and dangerously thin.  Our method is superior to others on stretched dents and dings. They are painstakingly cold‑shrunk, with the repair more truly matching the factory contours, instead of left low or blended out, which makes the area noticeably higher than prior to the acquired damage when looking at sharp angles.

The process includes removing objects such as door panels, tail lights, head lights, bumpers, doors, trunks, hoods, and any other trim or items that may hinder me from obtaining the optimum angle and view of the damage, as I perform the repair. The Dent Devils has the largest specialized tool selection in San Diego and much of the US, with two BendPak lifts that allow access to the factory holes.

How am I able to repair dents without needing to color, sand, or polish?

With my extensive tool selection I can exactly match the tip, length, and thickness of the tool to the damage. I use slow soft pushes that precisely join each other instead of rushing through a repair that makes for erratic pushes and pickling of a dent. My specialized lighting eliminates glare, thereby allowing me to see far more detail than someone working outside, greatly reducing or eliminating bad pushes.

The Dent Devils method is perfect for the discriminating owner of a high‑end or newer model car who demands the best.

We will never drill up your car like the mobile guy