pre & post scans

Pre & Post scans

Why should paintless dent repair techs pre and post-scan

A good repair practice would be to do a pre-scan before any electrical is disconnected and work is started, so any issues can be documented, then a post-scan after work is complete to confirm the repairs were completed properly. Doing a pre-scan & post-scan is recommended by most manufacturers for pre- and post-collision work as well as paintless dent repairs that require disassembly.

What can a pre- and post-repair scan reveal about my automobile?

look at a scan report, techs can see that some faults are from the damage, and some are from electronics that haven’t been reconnected properly or require being recalibrated.

What is a post-scan procedure?

The post-scan can decide & recognize issues unrelated to the damage from those generated because of a collision, disconnecting electrical, or pre-existing issues.