Windshield Chip Repair

We are certified by GlasWeld which has been the international leader in glass repair for more than two decades. The GlasWeld repair system was designed to repair bull’s eyes, stone chips, star breaks, and cracks which are insurance approved.

Windshield Damage and How it Occurs

When a road pebble or rock collides with a windshield, it chips the outer layer of glass, creating a chip or small crack. The chipped glass particles become surrounded by tiny air pockets, causing visual distortions. These stone chips and small cracks happen all the time and may propagate further damage if not repaired in a timely manner.

The Principle of Windshield Repair

GlasWeld’s system evacuates the air to fill the cavities with a specially formulated liquid resin which, when cured with ultra-violet light and GlasWeld Pro-Cur, clears the distortion and bonds the loose glass particles & prevents the damage from spreading.

Windshields are made from two thin layers of glass, with a sheet of plastic poly vinyl butyral (PVB) in the center. The function of the plastic interlayer is to bond two pieces of glass together and prevent large pieces of glass from being dislodged when broken. When the outer layer is broken, the types of breaks encountered can vary (bull’s eye, spider cracks & etc.). Air can get trapped inside and must be removed before the damaged area can be repaired. When the air is removed, resin can fill the area and repair the damage correctly and completely. Once cured the resin bonds the glass back together and permanently repairs the damage.


  • The cost-effective – repair cost is only $75 for small stone chips while the average cost for replacement can easily exceed many times that amount.
  • Restores 75% to 98% of the clarity to the damaged area.
  • Often times the repair is “FREE” to the customer – Most insurance companies waive all deductibles and pay according to a no-fault claim.
  • Quick – Most repairs are accomplished in under 20 minutes.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – The Dent Devils fully warranties their work for the life of the windshield with a copy of the invoice.

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