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Defender Traders / The Dent Devils teamed up to make this an amazing restoration

“First off, Eddie is the XXXX’ing man. Second, the pictures speak for themselves. He has taken care of me start to finish and did not allow half-complete work. You truly get what you pay for and he can accomplish that 10/10 times. This isn’t just a 9-5 job for him, he spends countless hours with PDR and body work is his a-game. ” Shannon S.
Would recommend to your grandkids, grandkids
5 Star Review from Google Maps ” I cannot say enough great things about Eddie and his business at Dent Devils Paintless Dent Removal. Getting in a car accident is stressful enough, let alone having to deal with the aftermath of everything that goes with that territory. Having Eddie manage my vehicle repairs ended up being a huge burden off my shoulders following my car accident. Thanks to Eddie and his superb attention to detail, my car was returned to me post repairs like it was brand new. He went above and beyond to make sure all aspects of the car were repaired 100%, not just the easy-to-see cosmetics. In my case, Eddie spotted damages sustained to my car that were not picked up by the other dealership I initially went to, and as a result my car is in pristine shape again post-accident. In addition to everything done for my car, Eddie went above and beyond to help facilitate communication with my insurance claim, as well as took time to explain to me in layman’s terms what needed to be done with my vehicle, the entire process, etc. He was very generous with his time spent speaking to me on all matters that concerned me with my car, insurance claim, etc, all while he was very busy managing his business. In short, I highly recommend Eddie/Dent Devils for any type of vehicle body repairs needed: He’s awesome at what he does, and provides excellent customer service. Franks Spano
Eddie is the man!  He’s helped me multiple times from fixing car door dents to full on bumper and quarter panel repair.  Eddie fights the insurance companies for you when they try and low ball you.  Eddie gets them to pay for OEM parts and doesn’t let them get away with a cheap repair.  They have my service for life! Richard B. 5 Star Review on Yelp
“Eddie is probably the most thorough body shop owner in San Diego.   When I got smashed into in the parking lot at Vons, I was worried that my Insurance company wouldn’t pay to repair my car correctly.   Eddie looked at the damage and assessed every part that would be required to reapair my car.  With the attention to detail of an artist and the nuts and bolts knowledge of a car that has been passed down through generations he was able to come up with a very detailed, itemized list of the required parts.  He presented it to my insurer and kept me abreast of the process all the way.
It was like I had a big brother looking out for me, having Eddie the Dent Devil by my side through the process and stress was the ultimate reassurance. In the end Everything was fixed TOP NOTCH!  My car looked as good as they day I bought it.  Thank you Eddie.   Any time I have a friend or family member in a crash, there is only one place I go.  The Dent Devils!! ” Stephen H. 5 Star Review Yelp
” I met Eddie the owner of dent  devils thru a professional recommendation
He worked on my mercedes and performed excellent , Fairly priced, prompt and courteous treatment.
Dealing with car damage is always tenuous but he made this a seamless chore,  doing all he said he would do and more .
I , 100 percent endorse him.
As a physician , I care about honesty and integrity and diligence and work ethic . He has high marks on those areas !  
Use his services to repair your automobile , you will be pleased ” Eric G. % Star Review on Yelp
“Somebody hit our Porsche Mecan in the parking lot and my wife was in tears. I took it into The shop and Eddie was great!
“Somebody hit our Porsche Mecan in the parking lot and my wife was in tears. I took it into The shop and Eddie was great!
It took a little longer than we thought because they had to wait for parts. Stupid german cars!
The car came out perfect! Thank you Dent Devils! ” Jim S. 5 Star Review on Yelp
” I have nothing but positive things to say about Eddie and Brittney. . . And nothing but negative things to say about my insurance. The Dent Devils were professional, patient, and detailed oriented. If you want your job done right the first time, save the trouble of shopping around and drop your car off here! My Toyota was rear-ended, I dropped my car off, and Eddie made sure that insurance didn’t skip on the laws, made sure all my parts were replaced to satisfaction, and would not allow anything less than original condition! My car was there for 30 Days, and Eddie never complained, instead just helped with corresponding with my less than competent insurance company. Check them out for your Auto Body Needs, they won’t let you down! Thanks Eddy and Brittney, I’m finally out of your hair 😉 ” Jennifer S. 5 Star Review Yelp

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