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Thanks in advance for providing the requested information and pictures so we can save time while providing you with a more accurate estimate.

  1. Your name
  2. Phone number
  3. Zip code or full address where the car will be repaired
  4. Year
  5. Make
  6. Model
  7. How the damage happened
  8. Are you looking for the best paintless repair or just an improvement?
  9. Has the car been repainted, or has any of the following things such as paint protection film? car wrap? ceramic coating?
  10. When would you like to have the repair done?
  11. Pictures (high-resolution required)
  1. Two pictures from straight on that show the whole panel and another one that shows the whole side (We are looking for stretched metal, depth, size, and perspective)
  2. Two pictures from straight on at a 45-degree angle that shows the whole panel and another that shows the whole side (We are looking for horizontal creases)
  3. Three pictures from 45-degree angles looking front and rear that shows the whole panel and another that shows the whole side (We are looking for vertical creases, displacement, buckles, and kinks)
  4. Please take a picture of the rear (This will also give the make and model)
  5. If the damage is too small to capture in a picture. You can also place a small piece of tape 4″ straight above it. (Do not cover any part of the damage or place objects in the pictures)
  6. Vin Sticker (Usually in the driver door area, this will allow us to look up times to take off parts and we might also be able to find an inside view)
  7. Videos can be very helpful if uploaded to Facebook or Instagram and then email or text me a link or you can private message either of our business pages. If you send in a PM make sure to let me know as these I only see in the evening if I log in. If you text a video the resolution is usually to low.

Please email us at or text 619 726 6767 or both

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    Examples of picture distance and angles for an estimate,

    “The bitterness of poor quality paintless dent repair remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

    How is Paintless Dent Repair Cost Determined?

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