Ever wonder what the actual paintless dent repair processes looks like?

Several time-lapse videos of the paintless dent repair (PDR) process are shown below. Hopefully, you will find them fascinating and informative of how effective the PDR techniques can be when used by a highly skilled PDR tech to transform a vehicle’s appearance from ugly to Wow, my car looks new again.

Watch 40-year Master Dent Repair Tech Eddie Martin skillfully remove this complex damage from this blue Honda fender with paintless dent repair!

GMC Dually DURAMAX repaired with glue pulling a glue-pulling tower from Camautopro

A college student’s 2016 Honda HRV was repaired on a budget. With PDR rods and glue-pulling

Watch this stretched crease disappear before your eyes. I worked the damage through the factory access whole and with the trim panel removed.

Eddie masterfully repaired this roof with the Miracle System glue-pulling bridge back in 2016. Eddie was the 1st in San Diego to be using the Miracle System and was going to be the trainer for the West Coast, so he had their whole system in his shop and helped them at the North Coast Auto body convention. So rest assured, he is not learning and practicing on your car or truck.

Tesla quarter panel was repaired only with the glue pulling method without bondo filler, repainting, or replacing in less than a day.

Tesla Model 3 passenger door step-by-step parts removed and going down with the window, door panel, and carrier plate handle removed. There are other ways I could have repaired it, but it would have been at a higher risk as the plastic door handle plate would have been leveraged off.

Watch Eddie save his long-time customer’s Tesla from the hands of the insurance company’s recommended body shop. They wanted $6k and weeks to repair. This Tesla trunk was repaired without replacing the factory rear hatch, bondo filler, or even repainting, all done in less than a day at the customer’s home for a fraction of the cost and without any diminished value.

Watch Eddie remove the complex damage on this Aluminum Tesla Model 3 driver door without Bondo fillers or even repainting!


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