Paintless Dent Removal – Auto Body & Paint Repair

The Dent Devils’ Goal is to exceed the Industry Standard:

Because we care about our customers & reputation our standard is higher than the insurance companies, our goal is to restore 100% of the safety and value of your car after one of life’s little accidents using our Paintless Dent Repair as the 1st choice. When the damage is too much for one of our amazing Paintless Dent Removals, we can move to plan B which is accessing the latest manufacturer repair recommendations from your car manufacturer, Axalta and 3M. So, we can complete the repair with OEM repair methods combined with our Hybrid Repair Method completely eliminates or greatly reduce the amount of fillers used. When replacing parts, we use the recommended original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that have been engineered and crash-tested for the year, make and model car.  When needed, after all the repairs are completed, your car will be sent by flatbed to the local car dealer service department for a safety check, alignment and system check and calibration so we know your family is safe. Then it will be returned to us the same way so we can perform the final Wet Dry Sand / Rub Out and Buff for that beautiful OEM finish and clean any repair dust and double checked to make sure there is no over-spray, loose or missing trim.  Be assured our mission is to give you back results that make you happy enough to give a 5-star review on Google Maps and Yelp and refer your family, friends and coworkers 🙂   

Insurance Goal is the Cheapest Repair:

Appraisers / Adjusters / Insurance companies have no liability for your safety or satisfaction. Because they are NOT a licensed repair shop or repair professionals. If they were, they would be required to follow the same BAR repair guidelinesDon’t be fooled, recommended Insurance body shops have a backroom agreement to accept the shift of liability and use Insurance-dictated “Industry/Insurance Standard” repairs in return for being on their referral list.  It’s all about reducing claim severity for referrals!

If you feel your claim is unfairly being handled by a insurance company employee Don’t get bullied file a complaint with the California Department of Insurance ASAP

Please contact us before wasting your time getting countless regular body estimates or contacting the insurance company as it can lead to getting your car reported to CARFAX!

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

No Bondo -No Repainting -No Problems

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Auto Body & Refinishing

If the damage is too bad for a full Paintless Dent Repair don’t fear Eddie also does some amazing auto body and paint.

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