Heroes on the Water: Paddle Fish Heal

Heroes on the Water: Paddle Fish Heal

Relax. Rehabilitate. Reintegrate.

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Heroes On the Water (HOW) serves all military and emergency service personnel who have been wounded, injured, or disabled. Heroes On the Water’s mission is to help wounded warriors relax, rehabilitate and reintegrate into society through kayak fishing and the outdoors. Over the past seven years of taking a few thousand men and women of all branches of the armed services out kayak fishing, we have learned firsthand the ‘triple therapy’ of kayak fishing – physical with paddling and fishing,..

Founded in February 2012


The Heroes on the Water program lets mother nature do what she has done for hundreds of years: heal. It’s an individual thing, each wounded warrior draws something different from it. But to a person, each one reconnects with a part of himself or herself that they thought was lost.




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