Estimating Auto Body and Paint

Remember that insurance-recommended shops are directed by their business partners to write only a basic estimate, so if you cash out, they save money, which is very unethical and fraudulent! Another trick shops often do is write a low estimate to get you in the door and then hit you with a significant estimate once it is taken apart.

When customers bring in their car, we recommend reviewing any estimates they have already received. That way, we can point out everything the other shops will be filing a supplement for if you go to them. Usually, these so-called estimates are short 30%-150% in actual costs.

However, at Dent Devils, we give you a thorough, honest estimate so the final costs will not be a mystery until it’s time to get your car back:

We do a health scan of the onboard computer and wash the outside of the auto if needed. Then we mark all the damages and take pictures and videos for documentation.

Then we start writing our computer estimate of repair as we take the car apart, marking the damaged parts and clips that need replacing. We then store and protect all the parts that will be reinstalled after the completed repairs and painting. Once we develop our repair plan, we will send it to the customer and, as a courtesy, CC the insurance company or the person that damaged your auto that has agreed to pay for all the costs associated with bringing the automobile back to pre-loss condition. (Less the deductible if it’s your own insurance company and they have not waved it)

To keep the auto in the repair lineup, so the repairs are not delayed or placed in-store and protected, We require the customer to approve the repairs as we have written, in two business days.

After they have OK’d our estimated cost, we will proceed with the repairs, and if any major changes come up, we will let them know so they are kept in the loop. We never negotiate your claim on your behalf, as that is illegal, and the insurance companies know this.

Best Parts & Products

Axalta Paint

3M restorationproducts

New Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts from the local dealerships

Manufacturer Repair Recommendations

Research manufacture repair recommendations (Cars are not built like they used to be)

Pre-Health Scan to check electrical functions (Most codes do not show on the dash)

Pre-wash cars to lessendirt in paint and check for damages

PDR to eliminate or minimize Bondo fillers or welding studs that can damage the metal

Match the e-coat on the backsides of the panels, so it looks like it did

Disassemble before refinishing (Your car was not painted with parts on the car)

Aperture refinishes so you will not have blend lines or hard lines inside the door jambs

Finish Sand and Polish after refinishing to remove dust specs and adjust texture as the factory does.

Final wash for delivery to remove repair dust and dirt

Post Scan to check electrical functions

Today’s cars are very costly to repair correctly.

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