Push 2 Paint/Filler

In some cases body damage may be too severe to achieve a “never been damaged” condition using only Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) methods.

At Dent Devils Auto Body and Paint we understand some customers are only in the market to just take the curse off the damage and are fine with a “close enough repair” due to time or budget constraints, the vehicle’s value versus cost of complete repairs, the desire to keep the original paint or all of the above.

The Dent Devils utilizes Paintless Dent Repair methodology to reshape the damaged area instead of using conventional body repair methods which includes pounding the damage out with unpolished hammers and dollies, welding pull pins or metal plates used to pull out the damage and applying a thick coat of body filler (also known as bondo) to hide the damage which takes far less skill.

It’s noteworthy to mention welding on metals most modern vehicles are made of can potentially weaken them by changing their molecular structure and compromise the corrosion protection of the repaired panel.

Push for paint involves reshaping the area of damage back to its original shape using PDR methods with minimal adverse effect on the panel if any at all.

If it’s later decided to finish* the repairs to perfection, all we would have to do is feather edge, prime and block and repaint as usual.

In some extreme cases a thin coat of glazing putty is used to finish leveling the reshaped area prior to feather edge, prime and blocking* the repair area before the application of primer and paint.
*(at an additional cost).

Here are a few examples of Push 2 Paint and Push 2 Filler

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