What are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts?


These are parts that are designed and typically made by the manufacturer of your car. These are the exact parts that have been crash tested by the manufacturer so they handle the same way in an accident, and have the same fit, and performance as the ones they sold the automobile with!

What are LKQ, Aftermarket, Economy, or Counterfeit parts?

Extensive evidence shows that these “counterfeit parts” are substantially inferior in fit, finish, corrosion resistance, and crash integrity. It would not be an exaggeration to say the future safety of your vehicle’s occupants could be compromised if economy parts are used to repair your current damage. We strongly recommend against the use of non-OEM parts. The use of economy parts is usually incorporated into the DRP shop agreements we referenced above. We have never read or heard of any car manufacturer that recommends anything other than new OEM parts in the repair of their cars as they are not engineered to the same high standards.

The CAPA airbag timing is different than OEM which can be a safety issue

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