Don’t be fooled by the Dent Time Google ads

It has been brought to my attention when they clicked on the Google ads that said Dent Devils they ended up on Dent Time’s website.

When I confronted Myke the owner of Dent Time, he claimed Google ran the ads without his permission. So I contacted Google’s Pay Per Click department who confirmed this was something that was not done by Google but the person in charge of his account which would be him.

IMO anyone that runs ads like he has been doing on Google lacks good moral judgment as this is not an honest mistake it is a deceptive marketing!

Here are four screen shots of the Dent Time / Google ads that I found so far. The 1st one was Dent devils / Dent Time / We Come To You or Come To US and the

2nd was Dent Time | Dent devils | We Come To You or Come To Us

3rd one we just found Dent Removal | Dent Devils | We come to you you come to us

Dent devils | We Fix Big and Small Dents dentremovalsandiego

Please let me know if you see any more misleading Dent Time Google ads so I can screen shot them.

Sincerely Eddie Martin owner of The Dent Devils Inc