Paint Touch Up For for Chips and Scratches


When doing mobile paintless dent repair, as a courtesy, if you purchase the complete Dr. Color Chip kit, we will do a free basic touch-up with their system on your pre-washed vehicle and show you how to do it yourself (Touching up more than four chips, sanding and polishing to reduce scratches & scuffs, removing paint transfer, removing rust or cleaning the car is not free)

We found Squirt ‘n Squeegee™ Plus Kit to be the best

If you have several vehicles you might want to purchase the Multi-Car Kit

*Disclaimer: these are cost-effective options offered instead of a more costly repainting. If you are unhappy with the results, we will credit 50% towards the complete repair cost at The Dent Devils.

So far, we have never had anyone take us up on repainting, as most realize these options are to make the damage livable, not perfect. They also realize every paint code can have 1 to 27 variations of the color from the car manufacturer, so it is impossible to guarantee a color match. See examples below:


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