Paintless Dent Repair Before & After Gallery

Here are just a few examples of damage repaired without bondo fillers & repainting by Eddie Martin the owner of The Dent Devils Mobile Paintless Dent Repair.

Watch 40-year Master Dent Repair Tech Eddie Martin skillfully remove this complex damage from this blue Honda fender with paintless dent repair!

Watch Eddie saved his long-time customers Tesla from the hands of the insurance companies’ recommended body shop . They wanted $6k and weeks to do the repair. This Tesla trunk was repaired without replacing the factory rear hatch, bondo filler or even repainting in less than a day at the customer’s home for a fraction of the cost and no deminited value.

Audi roof and quarter panel repaired to perfection with the glue pulling method so zero paint or bondo filler was required. We can do repairs like this at your home in hours and not weeks.

Watch Eddie remove the complex damage on this Aluminum Tesla Model 3 driver door without Bondo fillers or even repainting!

Tesla left quarter panel was repaired without replacing the panel or even refinishing it.

Audi was repaired with only glue pulling, no holes needed to be drilled, no bondo fillers or refinishing was required.

Body shops would need to replace this Challenger fender or do a lot of grinding and use a bunch of body filler which weakens the metal. Eddie did an amazing repair so now the customer is back to pre-loss condition in just a day.

Another amazing paintless dent repair on a BMW by the master himself Eddie Martin. Before you settle for bondo fillers and nonfactory paint call San Diego’s expert at repairing metal.

Someone tried to help this local minister unlock his car after a church service. Too bad they did not call a professional to unlock his car. But luckily for him, someone in his congregation recommended The Dent Devils Paintless Dent Repair.

This father avoided a very expensive auto body repair when his new driver son borrowed the rental car. This paintless repair was done in one day and passed the rental inspection. Chances are this would not have been covered by insurance as he was under 21 years old.

Dented plastic bumpers like this are no problem for Eddie’s paintless bumper reshaping.

Eddie masterfully repaired this roof with the Miracle System glue-pulling bridge. Eddie was the 1st in San Diego to be using the Miracle System and was actually going to be the trainer for the west coast so he had their whole system in his shop and helped them at the North Coast Auto body convention. So rest assured he is not learning and practicing on your car or truck.

This long time customers daily driver Mazda 6 was saved from the graveyard without bondo or paint. Eddie used his expertice to get it so close the owner desided not to invest in moving to option 2 which was a skim coat and refinishing. When other claim it can’t be done you owe it to yourself to consult with one of the best in the United State.

This VW was sent to Eddie back in 2010 with only the goal of getting it close enough so the referring body shop could finish the repair with body filler and paint. It came out so great the owner decided not to have the other shop do anything with it.

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