Push to Paint & Push to Filler


We understand some customers are only in the market to just take the curse off the damage due to budgetary concerns, the vehicle’s value versus the cost of complete repairs, or the damage may be too severe to achieve a “never been damaged” condition using only Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) methods.

What is Push to Paint & Push to Filler?

It’s using the Paintless Dent Repair methodology to reshape the damaged area by pushing or glue pulling, instead of using the conventional body repair methods of just beating it out with unpolished hammers and dollies, welding pull pins or metal plates to pull out some of the damage, applying a thick coat of body filler (also known as bondo) to hide the damage which takes far less skill.

It’s noteworthy to mention welding on metals on that most modern vehicles are made of can potentially weaken them by changing their molecular structure and compromising the corrosion protection on the repaired panel.

Push for painting consists of getting the damage very close using our advanced PDR methods to iron out the damage minimizing the need for repainting and fillers. “Hybrid Repair Methodology”

If it’s later decided to finish the repairs to perfection, all we would have to do is feather edge, prime, and block, and repaint at an additional cost.

As mentioned before Push For Filler is roughing out the damage back to shape using PDR methods with a minimal adverse effect on the panel if any at all.

In some extreme cases, a thin coat of glazing putty is used to finish leveling the reshaped area prior to a feather edge, prime, and blocking the repair area before the application of primer and paint (at an additional cost).

Examples of Push/Pull to Paint & Push/Pull to Filler

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