Chris Kuhlmey Service Adviser Caliber Collision – Pacific Beach /  owner Pyramid Appraisal Service

I have had the privilege of working with Eddie Martin for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier. He is an individual who is accommodating and has an integrity that is difficult to find in this business. Eddie is a straight shooter, who reviews his jobs with me first, and explains everything in detail that he is going to do. Once I give my okay he works around my schedule to deliver flawless results. Being in the auto body business, my first intention is to do what is right for the customer, and to give them the best repair possible. That’s why I use The Dent Devils when applicable and that’s why I refer customers to him for dent removal, bumper reshaping, and headlamp refurbishing. In this downtrodden economy I have referred many customers his way for heavy repairs and Eddie has taken care of them. It makes me look more credible to my customers and they come back to thank me later. In that way, Eddie helps me maintain a steady level of repeat business. Eddie is a personable and solid individual who sets the bar for the rest of the paintless dent removal industry to try and achieve. Call me anytime and I will tell you the same thing. Chris Kuhlmey Service Adviser Caliber Collision – Pacific Beach /  Pyramid Appraisal Service