Erica J.

Eddie truly saved the day for me. I was scammed in a parking lot and had the hood of my white car painted dingy gray by two guys who claimed they could repair some bumper scrapes on the spot using touch-up paint. When I realized what they were doing, it was too late, and every place I called said there was nothing that could be done to reverse the damage. Finally, thank goodness I was referred to Eddie.

As soon as I brought my car in, he knew exactly what to do to fix it. I truly thought my car was destroyed until I talked to him, and he made it look as good as new, completely reversing all the damage. He was able to remove all the gray paint without damaging the original white coat in the slightest.

He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly, and I would trust him completely, to repair any damage to my car with an expert hand.