Jonathan S.

I like old fashioned work ethics. I like people who geek over details. I like businesses who steer me away from expensive repairs that would have made them money but possibly not been worth it. For these reason,s you need to use Eddie’s business, the Dent Devils.
I had someone scrap and dent my BMW right rear fender near the wheel, and took it to Eddie. He looked at the dings and told me that in order to get them out (they were on the edge of the wheel well crease above the wheel) he would have to remove the inner trunk liners and much of the electronics. He said it would look good but cost a fair amount due to the labor involved. Then he asked me the important question- “can you live with this?”. If not, then he said he would do it.
Instead, he offered to touch up the scratches gratis if I would get the touch-up paint. I did, he did, and refused payment. He is proud of his work and in this day of low quality for high prices, I feel that good behavior and ethics should be rewarded.