Justin M.

My Niece stuffed her car into the one in front of her during 8 east rush hour. Hood, both fenders, bumper, frame check, headlights, seriously he was quickly able to source my parts and have everything back up and running. Eddie did such a great job we referred him to my neighbor who had a brand-new black truck. Eddie was also able to fix that one and my new neighbor was stoked also. Brittany was reassuring as I called to “check in” on my car to see how it was going a lot.  Eddie is a great evaluator for vehicle damage assessment and provided me with options, he can identify common pitfalls most would overlook. I almost forgot I ran my own vehicle into a yellow parking lot pole thing and pretty much Eddie had a replacement rear door swap ready asap. Really great things happen to cars when they get the Dent Devil’s treatment! Ok, I’m done 🙂