Marsha “Sha” M.

I first came to Dent Devils because of some scratches on the bumper of a car I was preparing to sell.  Eddie not only did a great job of sprucing it up but also did it for free!  It’s one of the ways he promotes his work…along with his honesty and integrity.

When I subsequently brought another car in for some serious body work (I’d had an altercation with a misplaced cement barrier on a freeway exit…oops), he not only did a great job with the repairs but also made sure my insurance company didn’t steer me away from doing those repairs in the manner required by Honda (to maintain my new car warranty).  We had a real struggle with the appraiser and his supervising adjuster, but in the end, Eddie’s informed and determined advocacy won the day.

After that incident, I changed insurance companies…but will never change body shops!