Shops should never use the insurance estimate for repairs!

1.     Insurers are not repairs professionals so they have no liabilities relative to their recommendations. All liabilities stay with the repairer and/or the customer so they are based upon the decisions they make.

Proof is what happened in the John Eagle Collision in Dallas lawsuit when they said they followed the insurance estimate that they where in bed with, If they made waves they would jeopardize getting insurance referrals from them.

2.     Our shop has the duty and obligation of preparing our own repair plan which adheres to OEM procedure mandates and recommendations

3.     Over the years we have caught insurers writing estimates with modified estimating software’s which illegally manipulated the data base in an effort to short pay the claim. This places an unwarranted burden on our shops and consumers which leads to extensive short-pays.

4.     Why would an insurer push their estimates down the throat of shops?They more than likely left off necessary procedures in an efforts to reduce their claims costs. By doing this the customer ether does not get the repair they deserve or has to pay out of pocket unless the shop wants to do the repair at a loss.

5.    Our shops estimating software we believe best suits our company and the customer’s we serve. This labor data guide is widely used all over the US by insurers and other body repair shops. We know the system we use has not been modified or corrupted so the information will give an accurate and fair repair plan.

Why Estimates written by the insurer or on their behalf by a 3rd party will only be used for informational purposes only.

As the repair shop of choice, We will prepare a detailed repair plan that includes all the parts, and materials from our own trusted vendors and procedures from the manufacture with proper markups so we can make a fair and reasonable profit required for the a repair we can stand behind.