Stephen H.

Eddie is probably the most thorough body shop owner in San Diego.   When I got smashed into the parking lot at Vons, I was worried that my Insurance company wouldn’t pay to repair my car correctly.   Eddie looked at the damage and assessed every part that would be required to repair my car.  With the attention to detail of an artist and the nuts and bolts’ knowledge of a car that has been passed down through generations, he was able to come up with a very detailed, itemized list of the required parts.  He presented it to my insurer and kept me abreast of the process all the way.
It was like I had a big brother looking out for me, having Eddie the Dent Devil by my side through the process, and stress was the ultimate reassurance. In the end, Everything was fixed TOP NOTCH!  My car looked as good as the day I bought it.  Thank you, Eddie.   Any time I have a friend or family member in a crash, there is only one place I go.  The Dent Devils!!