man charged in dent-fixing scheme

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Published: June 10, 2009

A Clearwater man was arrested Tuesday on charges he defrauded more than a half-dozen people he typically met in supermarket parking lots by promising to repair the dents in their cars.

Frank Alex Adams, 27, of 2917 Catherine Drive, was charged with five counts of scheme to defraud, four counts of grand theft, one count of robbery and one count of false imprisonment, Pinellas County Jail records show. He was being held with no bail set at the jail.

On April 12, Adams approached a man in the parking lot of a Publix in north Pinellas and said he would repair the dent in his car for $450, arrest affidavits state. Adams took the money but didn't repair the dent, the affidavits state.

On April 16, he made a similar offer to an 84-year-old woman: $400 to repair a dent in her car, the affidavits state.

In this case, however, he ordered her to drive to her bank, withdraw $400 and then follow him to a vacant parking lot, where he took the money from her, the affidavits state. As the woman was in fear for her life throughout the ordeal, Adams was charged with strong arm robbery and false imprisonment in addition to a count of grand theft, affidavits state.

On April 18, Adams approached a woman in a parking lot and said he would fix the dent in her car for $300, arrest affidavits state. When she refused, he said he had already started the work and that she owed him $300 as a result, the affidavits state. He followed her to her ATM to withdraw the money, which she did against her will, the affidavits state.

On May, 12, he approached a woman outside a 7-Eleven convenience store while she was getting gas and offered to fix a dent for $180, arrest affidavits state. When she told him she didn't have the money, he told her to retrieve it from an ATM at the convenience store, the affidavits state. He didn't fix the dent, the affidavits state.

On May 20, he approached a couple in a Sweetbay Supermarket parking lot and pressured them to give him $400 to repair dents in their car, the affidavits state. Adams is accused of following them to their home, where he feigned fixing the dents, then drove them to their bank to get the money from their bank account, the affidavits state.

On May 22, he approached a woman in a Publix parking lot and pressured her to give him $200 to fix some scratches on her car, the affidavits state. He followed her home, where he actually damaged the car more than it was, and then took her to her bank to get the money.

Adams was placed on probation this year after he was charged with scheme to defraud in Broward County.

Click here for more scam examples. (LINK TO SCAMS PAGE)

not all paintless repair companies are the same

When looking through these pictures you will notice lots of drilled holes where the tech was trying to gain access. In the last 5 or 6 pictures are some of the chewed up repairs they made. This is why you do not want to go with the low price leader or a company that does not even do Paintless Dent Repair but instead subcontracts it out.

Quality work takes experience, time, the right tools and someone that cares. "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten"

My A+ rating with the BBB, Testimonials page & speak for my self (LINK to TESTIMONIALS PAGE)


This slide show shows the proper way dents are supposed to be access


warning about paint and body scams

Be very careful of who you let touch your car especially when approached in a parking lot.

Below is over 40 reasons of what can and usually happens.

And here's another useful link I've found.


paintless dent repair is very green

For people that are concerned with Mother Earth Paintless Dent Repair can be the perfect alternative to conventional auto body repair. Why? Well it reduces the use of dangerous chemicals needed in refinishing and minimizes the amount of replacement parts that are sent to our land fills.

After working as a painter / body man for over 15 years I look back at all the cars that could have been done PDR if my skill level was then what it is today. Today so many people do not have a clue what can be done not to mention even body shops are living in the dark or worse trying to keep this under wraps because of loosing work.

a little history lesson on the roots of paintless dent repair in the United states

This was written by a few good friend's like Tom Price,Tommy Clayton & more to follow soon.

Eddie Martin

P.S.: I will post more as I ask for others permission on what they have written.

Tom Price Said:

Due to popular requests from a few of you, here is some history of the roots of PDR in this country. I am relating this history to you as I have heard it . It may not be 100% fact, but the jest of the stories are true as I have been told. I'm kind of a PDR historian and fact junkie....others would call me just plain nosy. LOL. PDR gets it's primitive worldwide origins from the assembly lines of the Mercedes and BMW plants in Germany dating back over 60 years there. It is unknown who ever started and perfected this craft there. In the US, PDR has several traceable origins that I know of. The most verifiable is Nattalio Balderama and Dent Wizard dating their incorporation back to 1983 here. Nattalio, or Lido as he is more commonly known, came to the US from Argentina in the early 80's. He was a bodyman from there who was frustrated that a car panel had to be straightened and then painted to be considered properly repaired. He took old school metal bumping techniques and molded them into modern day PDR principles. How he figured all this out, I'll never know. He came to the US and started practicing this art and through lots of courting, formed DW with a few American businessman. I had the distinct privilege of being trained by Lido in Florida in 1992 for 6 weeks. He was an incredible man. Another US PDR pioneer is Juergen Holzer from Minnesota. He was a BMW factory PDR tech from Germany who moved to Minneapolis in about 1978 and started DentKraft there. He traveled all across the US , like Lido in those early days repairing high line cars. He does not have the corporate documentation to be able to refute DW's claim here as being the original. In 1986 Dent Doctor was formed when Tom Harris, a successful American businessman stumbled upon the talents or Darwin Sanders and the 2 joined forces. Darwin's roots go back from his body shop days, and he claims to be an original here in the US I believe also. The modern day Mecca of PDR is Springfield, Missouri. A large group of guys that worked at Springfield Acura there started into the PDR trade in about 1990. They included Jerry Powell, Scott Clifton, Jerry Blehm and a few others. I'm sure there are many others who claim some type of originality, but the ones listed above have the most substantiation I know of. It is interesting to note that DW had a unique style of PDR with their cold-rolled bendable tools, flatbars, master tools, fog reflection systems etc. DW also trains techs in the "upside down " doording position. Most of the rest of the PDR companies of old utilized pre-formed, heat-treated tools with bare-bulbed fluorescent lighting systems and stand in the normal leaning forward doording position. This a a bit of the origins and history as has been told and proven to me. If you want a bit more elaboration or embellishment on this subject, look me up at MTE. I'm the big, tall, loud, ugly guy with the short hair that everyone is afraid of.....LOL. I will not be involved with any MTE activities other than as a spectator this year. I will have time to shoot the breeze. I will be hanging out a bit at the PDQ tools booth.

Tom Price Said:

Lido is not directly employed by DW Corporate anymore , nor does he own much of anything in the US for DW. He does still have some DW International interests I believe. He still is paid to do some special training projects for DW in St Louis here and there my sources say. Juergen still does dents in the Minneapolis area and has trained several techs over the years. Tom Harris is the majority owner of Dent Doctor. Darwin owns some interests in Dent Doctor and or franchises and still does some training I hear. Jerry Powell is still the legendary PDR stud that he has always been. He now has a retail shop in Colorado Springs and still has his shop in Springfield , Missouri. Trey Pool[ dentbrain] has more info on Jerry. Scott Clifton used to own US Dent for many years. He sold it a couple years ago after he had milked it for all he could. Jerry Blehm sold A-1 to Jon [the current owner] a couple years ago and is retired from PDR interests if I remember correctly. I hear a lot of info in the PDR world and talk to a lot of people. Sometimes my memory is hard pressed to remember all the details I heard, but it's usually fairly accurate.

Tommy Clayton Said:

A couple of things I understand from Jerry Powell (its been a couple of years since I talked to Jerry) He started around 86-87. The story I heard is that they had a guy lido trained who would not show them how they took dents out. Jerry bought an old car and started knocking dents in it and trying to take dents out until he learned and taught Robert his brother (who the last time I worked with him was as good as Jerry(jerry admits this)). I know Jerry trained a lot of people but he trained some guys for Steve Gerhartz (a wholesaler for American Sales and Imports in DC).Dentworks in DC This was around 89 or 90. DW bought Dentworks of DC (around 96) and last I heard Steve Gerhartz still worked for them. Steve talked up Dentworks to his buyers and convinced John Wickstead of Greensboro NC to buy in. Jerry trained Ricky Clayton (my uncle) and Scott (Wicksteads son who still works for Wickstead)in late 90 early 91.I went to work for Wickstead in early 92. An idustrial salesman bought Wickstead out in late 96 after Ricky (who is in northern VA) and another guy Josh(who went to work for DW in Northern VA and has since left) left. We trained some guys to work for Dentworks and I bought my way out of my contract in early 98. The guys we trained have left Dentworks except for a Salesman we had who forced the owner of Dentworsk NC to sell to him or everyone would quit. Sorry to ramble on but I got to thinking of how PDR started in NC.

why the dent devils dent removal method’s are better!

Frequently customers that visited mobile PDR “specialists” or body shops are faced with one of these scenarios:

  • The dent is impossible to fix by PDR, go to a body shop.
  • There’s no way to fix the ding or dent without drilling needless access holes.

These companies simply don’t have the training, experience and/or proper tools (no other company in San Diego has as many tools) these tools are necessary to perform PDR to its fullest capabilities, but on the good side were hopefully honest enough to tell the customer and refer them to The Dent Devils Paintless Dent Repair Shop Center located at 5644 Kearny Mesa Road Suite J 92111 San Diego California

New highlighted equipment added:

  • Bend-Pac mid rise lift (rises auto to proper height for repairs, factory access holes in wheel wells, undersides of doors and other area’s are now easily usable. So this eliminates drilling needless access holes.
  • AllData Automotive Collision software this is an invaluable tool that no other PDR company has and only a few body shops have so far in San Diego.( recommended by Insurance companies such as ESURANCE) This is very important because it shows factory access points, braces / crash beams, hidden clips, screws, proper removal of trim, doors and other parts all to gain the best access to the backside of panels. This online product contains OEM collision repair information for 2000 and newer model year vehicles, plus full diagnosis and repair content.

More reasons why you should bring your car to us.

  • We are San Diego’s only  PDR Shop (everything is done in house and not subcontracted out) We now also except insurance claims & can deal directly with your insurance company if needed.
  • Even though we have taken 4 awards for best mobile PDR setup Eddie Martin the owner of The Dent Devils saw the many limitations in mobile repairs on today’s high-end cars with all their complexities.
  • If you have broken trim pieces, clips, taillights or need anything else your parts are just a phone call away which is essential to bringing your car back to true pre-accident condition.
  • The Dent Devils was given a national A+ rating by the (BBB) Better Business Bureau , a member of the (BAR) BUREAU OF AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR & National Alliance of DR Technicians
  • A much worse scenario—besides common scams, would be if they didn’t, and decided to go ahead and “butcher” your car anyway. See web site for examples:

Don’t be fooled by amateurs. Give your car the TLC it deserves.

 Eddie Martin, owner of The Dent Devils, has been repairing high-end cars for well over 20 years in San Diego County. Just ask your insurance company, or most anyone around town, as The Dent Devils highly respected in the auto collision repair industry!

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When it's time to return your leased vehicle, there's no need to panic about getting overcharged for excessive damage anymore! The truth is, the person inspecting your car can write up as high a price as they want on practically anything they can find. This can, and usually does, add up to thousands of dollars in excessive charges.

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Don't Have a Leased Car? How About a Little TLC?

We all know what it's like to live in sunny San Diego; but in this fast-paced life, sometimes we neglect our pride and joy. Lack of proper detailing, tight parking spaces, and runaway shopping carts start to take their toll on our vehicles. We think our only option in keeping up with the "Joneses" or "Johnny Look Goods" down the street is to be rolling in a new car. However, living in today's economy, it can be tough to maintain those finer things in life, especially when you live by the beach. Giving your car a little TLC can do several things: bring back the head-turning looks you lost in your high-end car, and keep you out of debt by not getting you into those high new-car payment or lease-payment blues. Let us give your car that new-car look again by having us remove those dents, dings, unsightly scratches, or bumper scuffs at our downtown location.

 Eddie Martin, owner of The Dent Devils,  has  been repairing high-end cars for well over 20 years in San Diego County. Just ask your insurance company, or most anyone around town, as both companies are very highly respected in the industry!

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