What Is The Paintless Hot Glue Pull Repair Method?


Glue pulling is not a new technique used in paintless dent repair (PDR) to remove minor dents and significant damage from vehicle panels. The Dent Devils owner, Eddie Martin, has used GPR method for over 20 years. This method involves pulling out the dent by using specialized glue and tools without the need for sanding, filling, or repainting the affected area.

Here’s an overview of how glue pulling works in dent repair:

    Eddie does an Assessment of your damage based on the dent’s size, shape, and location to determine whether glue pulling is a suitable repair method for a full repair or just an improvement. It’s typically effective for smaller, shallow dents without severe paint damage but can he has used it on extreme damage like this one he repaired in 2010 and the other videos down below.

Extreme caution should be used on repaints, whites, pearls, custom paint jobs. It should never be used on cars with peeling issues, paint protection films PPF, car wraps. If you have a ceramic coating it will need to be removed

    Preparation: The surface around the dent is cleaned thoroughly to ensure no wax, grease, or debris might interfere with the adhesive’s bonding.

    Glue Application: Specialized glue is applied to the center of a plastic or metal tab, which is then placed onto the dent. The glue is left to cure and bond with the panel for a short duration, usually a few minutes.

    Pulling Process: Once the glue has cured, a pulling tool is attached to the tab. The technician applies gradual and controlled pressure to the tool, pulling the dent out by leveraging the bonded tab.

    Repeating Process (if needed): For deeper or larger dents, the process might need to be repeated multiple times with various tabs to bring the dent back to its original shape gradually.

    Finishing Touches: After the dent is sufficiently pulled out, any remaining glue residue is removed from the panel, and a final inspection is conducted to ensure the repair’s quality.

Glue pulling is particularly useful for shallow dents on flat or mildly curved surfaces. However, its effectiveness can vary based on the dent’s size, location, and the flexibility of the metal.

While glue pulling is a valuable technique in the realm of paintless dent repair, not all dents can be effectively fixed using this method. Some dents might require alternative techniques, such as traditional PDR methods, depending on their size, depth, and the presence of paint damage. Consulting a skilled PDR technician is essential to determine the best approach for repairing a specific dent.

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