Paint Touch-Up for Chips and Scratches


When doing mobile paintless dent repair as a courtesy, if you purchase the full Dr. Color Chip kit we will do a free touch up with their system on your pre-washed vehicle and show you how to do it yourself, (Touching up anymore than 4 chips, sanding and polishing to reduce scratches & scuffs, Filling in deep area with filler, removing paint transfer, removing rust or cleaning the car is not free) If you are looking for perfect that will require refinishing the whole panel.

Here is a link to the kit we recommend you purchase

Dr. ColorChip is a company known for its paint touch-up kits designed to address minor chips and scratches on a vehicle’s paintwork. The product is formulated to match the exact color of your car’s paint, offering an effective way to repair small imperfections without the need for expensive professional repainting.

Here’s an overview of how Dr. ColorChip generally works:

    Identifying Paint Code: To ensure an accurate match, you’ll need to know your car’s paint code. This code is typically located on a label inside the driver’s side door jamb or in the owner’s manual. Dr. ColorChip provides a guide to help you find and confirm the code.

    Selecting the Right Kit: Dr. ColorChip offers touch-up kits that come with the necessary materials. These kits typically contain a proprietary paint blend specific to your car’s color, a blending solution, brushes, and instructions on how to use the product effectively.

    Preparing the Surface: Before applying the paint, ensure the surface is clean and dry. You may need to lightly sand the area around the chip or scratch to ensure the paint adheres properly.

    Applying the Paint: Follow the instructions provided by Dr. ColorChip. Typically, the application involves using the included brush to apply the paint carefully into the damaged area. The paint is designed to fill in the chip or scratch.

    Blending the Paint: After the paint application, a blending solution is used to remove excess paint and blend it with the surrounding area. This step helps create a smoother finish that matches the car’s original paint.

    Final Steps: Once the paint has been applied and blended, the area might need some time to dry. This could involve waiting for a specified duration as indicated in the instructions provided.

Dr. ColorChip is generally well-regarded for its ability to address minor paint imperfections effectively. However, it’s important to note that while it can significantly improve the appearance of chips and scratches, it may not produce a flawless result, especially for larger or deeper damages.

Always follow the provided instructions carefully and, if unsure, consider reaching out to a professional for advice or assistance. Additionally, for larger or more severe damage, consulting with a professional auto body shop might be necessary for a more comprehensive repair.


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