What are Non-Included Operations?


The following may be required procedures that are not included operations:

Pre Scan and Post Scan:
$143.64 for pre and $143.64 for post scan with the exception for dealer’s costs may vary.
Pre scan is a safety check to evaluate the electrical circuitry of the vehicle prior to dissembling.
Post scan is when the vehicle is brought back to pre-accident condition then sent out for the final scan to make sure all codes are clear.

Mixing bank setup (0.8 Hours):
Consists of taking a digital reading of the exterior color of vehicle,
inputting vehicle information into the camera and online paint software,
and mixing toners on the paint bank machine

Color match:
the process of tinting color to achieve a blendable color match.  .5 hours per spray out card. Averages between .5 to 2 hours

Repair Materials:
Materials are products that are used in the repair process.
Example: sandpaper, tapes, compounds, bondo, glues, grease and wax remover etc.

Clean for Delivery:
Cleaning repair dust, dirt, handprints, polishing residue from the vehicles before delivery. If Car has been washed, it also provides an opportunity to check for overspray.

Ecoat match/Backside of panel match/Secondary color (0.5 Hours)
Ecoat is done at the factory. It is an electrically charged substrate (primer) covering all bare metal parts to keep from rusting. Color may vary.

Secondary Color: Secondary color may be found under the hood, in trunk areas, and at times in door jambs. A misted on application or a transparent appearance of exterior color on top of the secondary color.

Paint backside of panel: When replacing the panels or doing repairs, the standard refinish times is only to spray the outside of the panel. Painting the backside of panels to give a more complete look requires more time.

Bag car for paint or Primers (0.5 Hours): Bagging a car is when a vehicle is covered with a plastic car cover to protect the  vehicle  from overspray when spraying primers, sealers, bases coats and clears 0.4 in refinish
Mask for primer (0.3 hours): Mask for primer is when the repaired area is masked off so excess primer is confined within the repair area.
Bare plastic prep (0.9 Hours):
Parts that come as raw plastic require a scuffing up with a special agent to help in the removal of oils, residue, and contaminates to aid in the adhesion of the painting process. Then an elastomic sealer/ adhesion promotor is sprayed. Then a sandable epoxy sealer.

Flex additive $8.00:
An additive that is mixed in with clearcoat so the plastic part being painting can have a flexibility characteristic added to it. Helps to avoid cracking when stressed during impacts, important for bumpers and other flexible trim.

Feather edge, prime and block (0.5+ Hours): a refinishing procedure, feather edge is taking the repair area and leveling out the existing substrates for primer. Blocking is the process of matching contour. When primer is cured, then the primer is sanded with special blocks to achieve the same contour of straightness to the panel.

Alignment: $106.39, cost may vary if done at dealer:
Alignment is a mechanical operation that we sublet out to specialists, that involves realigning the suspension of components back to their factory specifications.

Color, sand, and polish: 30% of basecoat time and $10 material for each panel. Prices may vary:
Color, sand, and polish is the process that is done after painting in which paint imperfections such as dirt are removed or smoothed out and the paint texture is adjusted and then compounded and polished out.  (This does not include waxing)

Transport to and from Dealer: for no less than 0.5 each way
When the vehicle is driven by 2 employees to do necessary repair work by an authorized dealer or another service center.

Tow to Dealer: $110.00 and up / Tow back from Dealer: $110.00
(is same as transporting the vehicle to a dealer with the expectation of calling a tow company to transport the vehicle on a flatbed to the desired location)

R&I Glass (at $146.30 each)
At times glass may need to come out of the vehicle due to the repair process by subletting out to a certified auto glass company.

Lift tape per area $15.00 (0.5 Hours)
Lift tape is specially designed when a trim molding needs to be lifted up so that paint does not get on the trim and the paint can go under the trim

Drill sensor holes (3.5 Hours):
Certain manufacturer bumpers require a specialty process in which the raw bumper needs to be predrilled in order to remount the sensors.

Soft edge tape, and or 3M foam tape:
Is an application where the tape is precision masked so as to eliminate clear coat hard line on door jambs. The door jamb is then hand polished out so the car has an appearance of being unpainted.

Uniside refinish:
When both front and rear doors come off the vehicle and both door jambs and exterior of the car are painted.

Wet bed (0.5 Hours per blend panel)
Wet bed is a process that is necessary when blending into adjacent panels to assure proper orientation of metallic and pearls, and the shadowing of colors.

Storage charges / Store and protect:
Storage Charges may occur when discretion is exercised upon delinquency of non-payment, by the insurance company or owner of the vehicle or a non-authorization after 2 (TWO) business days.

Research OEM Repair Procedures:  OEM repair access before markup is between $20 a day to $150  plus research time and printing:
Today’s automobile is not your 1963 Impala SS where it’s a simple thing to remove and install (R&I) anything on the car.  Technology with navigation, back-up sensors, turn cameras, coded keys etc, all require a great deal of attention when removing parts from vehicles. Thus, at times a technician may have to take extra time to research and subscribe to the appropriate OEM repair access online to accomplish the necessary task(s). With the advancement and complexity of today’s vehicles, it might be required to access repair procedures as they can change. With over 450 makes and models of cars (and more every year) it is impossible for anyone to know each and every process for every make and model of car. Dealerships labor rates are over $150 hr and they only work on their specific make of cars, which is how they can absorb Research fee’s unlike a shop like ours that are only at $70hr and work on every make and model of vehicle.

System Recalibration: A recalibration of the vehicles computer system/mechanical sensors etc.

3m Foam soft edge tape: is an insurance company short cut that greatly sacrifices quality and has no warranty by our paint manufacturers.

Nib Sand and Polish: spot sanding 3 or less dirt nibs per panel.


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