Drew B.

I’d only had my new-to-me BMW for about a month when somebody dented my car in a parking lot.  No note, just a long crease.  I called and visited several shops and none wanted to do a paintless dent repair.  It was either too much work or they just wanted to do an old-fashioned bondo and repaint. Most said that the best one could hope for was 70-80% better with PDR.  I really did not want to paint my nearly-new car!

Thankfully, Eddie was willing to give it a try if I could leave the car for a few days so he could take his time.  I stopped by a few times and he showed me the progress and the strategy to fix the dent.  On pickup day…I was amazed.  Beautiful!  Much better than any of the other guys said was possible!

Eddie is an honorable and skillful craftsman running an honest family business.  Thanks for fixing my car!